Different Rice Cookers Varieties that Are Available

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Different Rice Cookers Varieties that Are Available

One of the highest features is that it's equipped with its own trademark heating technology-the Neuro symbolic logic technology. The rice cooker is provided with a computer chip that automatically adjusts the temperature so you'll have perfect rice whenever , whether you're cooking polished rice or rice .

You can always calculate Zojirushi rice cooker to consistently do an excellent job. Its spherical inner pan is formed of Dupont Teflon that has non-stick abilities. As a results of spherical heating, it'll uniformly cook your rice and stop it from sticking.

It also comes with a Timer and an LCD to form this best rice cooker a requirement have for people that work faraway from their homes. you'll set your Zojirushi rice cooker before you allow for work to cook your rice an hour before you get home. once you click very fatigued from work, nothing are going to be homier than being welcomed by a whiff of freshly cooked rice aroma. All you'll got to do are going to be to whomp up your favorite soup and you've got got yourself dinner.

Zojirushi’s menu selection will offer you tons of options to settle on from so you'll cook your rice the way you would like it. you'll cook rice with rinsed or cook pre-washed rice. the primary option means rinsing your rice several times before you cook it. you'll also prefer to cook your rice “soft” or “hard” in texture.

If sometimes you get delayed at work and are available home late, then you would like to not worry about coming home to eat cold rice. Zojirushi features a “Keep Warm” button in order that you'll keep your rice warm for up to five hours. you'll also prefer to keep your rice warm for 12 hours.

That’s not all; it also has an “Extended Keep Warm” function that you simply can use to increase how long you would like your rice to remain warm. once you use this feature , the rice cooker will adjust its temperature by slightly lowering it to stop dryness and odor. it'll also keep your rice from getting discolored.

Rice cookers exist in several types and varieties. you'll be spoilt for choice when buying a rice cooker. they vary from simple, basic, sophisticated to “smart” ones.

1. Microwave Cookers: they're usually rock bottom and have simple designs. they're used inside a microwave to cook rice.

2. Standard: they're the foremost popular rice cookers. they're designed with basic features that enable you to cook your rice and steam other foods and then keep them warm.

3. Micom: These sorts of rice cookers have inbuilt micro-chips. These microchips make them “smart” as they're capable of automatically adjusting their temperature to perfectly cook your rice. you'll also steam other food in your micom rice cooker.

4. Induction Heating: They employ heating and also use intelligent microchips to cook your rice perfectly. These rice cookers facilitate efficient heat distribution.

5. Pressure and Induction Heating: they're very advanced and also cost tons . They employ microchips, pressure heating along side heating for efficient heat distribution throughout its heating surface. this provides your rice the simplest taste and greatly improves its appearance.


§ Evenly distributes heat to offer you perfect meals.

§ Can keep your rice warm and moist for hours with its automatic keep warm feature.

§ Cleaning it's a breeze thanks to its non-stick property.

§ Comes with a programmable timer so you'll set once you would really like it to start out cooking rice.

§ Its cord is retractable for clutter-free

§ Designed for cooking quite one sort of rice.

§ Comes with two measuring cups.


§ It takes longer to cook rice as compared to cooking rice traditionally.

§ Higher tag .

§ Needs battery replacement after every 3 years counting on use.