Factors to consider before renting a private Villa in Disney

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Factors to consider before renting a private Villa in Disney

Are you planning your next vacation to Disney World in Orlando ?  As soon as you look outside the box, you will realise that you could rent one of the many luxury near Disney in Orlando with your private pool all within a short distance from Disney and all the other attractions Orlando has to offer.

Ask yourself this… Would you rather rent a villa near Disney or pay for a Disney hotel room and try to squeeze your entire family into one room or double your costs by paying for 2 rooms ? If you have done it before, you will most likely remember how uncomfortable it was.
Putting aside the convenience of renting one of luxury Davenport villas and just compare the relative cost of staying in a hotel compared to staying in one of our luxury Kissimmee villas near Disney

1. Spacious: Before renting a villa one should see how much space it has, whether there is a kitchen, a bedroom, a pool, a game zone etc that will add more thrill, adventure and fun to their stay. Also the tourists will find more comfort during the stay and enjoy all the amenities around them which will make their holidays more enjoyable and memorable at the same time.

2. Proximity to Disney World: Before renting the villa, the owner should take into consideration the distance of villa from Disney world. It is not a piece of cake to rent a villa near Disney. The owner should know whether the tourists would find it easy to travel to the place they have been waiting to visit since so long. Time taking journey to Disney world from the villa would not only increase the tiredness, but will also reduce the estimated time the tourist is going to spend there and also the excitement level would go down.

3. Easy access to basic services/amenities: To rent a villa near Disney one should also be careful about tourists’ basic needs during the stay. For instance whether there is a market place nearby and there are medical shops for any first aid emergency in any case, good restaurants where they can have nice exotic meal of their choice during holidays, in case there is no private chef appointed for the villa.

4. Changes to the property if necessary: The villa owner or the person who has taken the property on rent (to rent it out further to the tourists) in Disney can make small changes to the property to make it more attractive and worthy. Small changes to the interiors like hanging new paintings, small plants in the balcony area, lightening or fountain corner, antique pieces will not only add to the decor of the house but will also beautify it. This would add to the value of the property which also means an increased rent income.

5. Completed paperwork: Before renting the villa to the tourists or the middle man, the necessary paperwork should be completed on time. All the rental terms and conditions should be mentioned and copy of identity cards of the guests should be taken too so that the agreement can be made accordingly, prior to letting the guests in. So the legal work and other formalities should be completed as soon the party shows interest in the villa. This will ensure satisfaction & relaxation of mind to both the parties.

6.Verification of the Tourist/Tenant: To rent a villa near Disney, the owner should be conscious enough to verify who the guests are. There should be proper identity cards, photographs, relevant and legitimate proofs showcasing the citizenship of the country they belong to, as without acknowledging the genuineness of a person it could be dangerous to rent out the expensive villa. One does not know when a thief or a burglar can barge inside the property and ruin everything within a blink of an eye.