Everything You Need to Know About a Liquid Facelift

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Everything You Need to Know About a Liquid Facelift

Yearning for that flawless jawline and fat-free face? You must have considered a lot of options for the same. But did you know that facial rejuvenation through aesthetic surgery is said to be the most successful treatment amongst all! Usually, people aged 40-70 are more likely to seek facial rejuvenation options, as the skin loses its stiffness due to ageing.

Earlier, facelift surgery simply tightened the skin but with significant progress in cosmetology, facelifts can now reposition the muscles, skin and fat altogether. As the technique and process of conducting the procedure have evolved, evaluate it thoroughly before considering it to upgrade your facial features.

A liquid facelift involves injecting dermal fillers into the skin to plump up the skin.differs from a surgical facelift in that it doesn’t involve cutting into the skin. Many clients pursue a liquid facelift to help with sagging jowls, sunken areas in the cheeks while softening facial lines and contouring the cheek and jaw areas. One can also choose to alter the shape of the lips by plumping them up or turning up the corners as this is perceived to be a sign of youthfulness.

Liquid Facelift

The prime purpose of a liquid facelift is to reduce sagging and wrinkles and thus give a youthful look. It can also:

  1. plump up lips
  2. reduce the hollow areas under your eyes
  3. fill your cheeks if they look gaunt
  4. tighten wrinkles around your lips, eyes, and forehead
  5. reduce the appearance of scars

The ideal candidate for a liquid facelift is someone with relatively few wrinkles and a small amount of sagging. If you have a lot of sagging skin, or if you want dramatic results, a surgical facelift might be better for you.

Liquid facelift for jowls

If you are looking for a way to dramatically improve the appearance of your face? These liquid fillers and injectable products are a fantastic way to do so without the need for unnecessary surgery. Some people naturally have mild jowls while most experience drooping of cheeks that lead to jowls as the middle age sets in. As one age, one also vertical lip lines, volume loss, lines along the sides of your nose and chin or crow’s feet and find that liquid facelift for jowls helps in countering these signs of ageing. Many patients pursue a liquid facelift to help with sagging jowls, sunken areas in the cheeks while softening facial lines and contouring the cheek and jaw areas. Along with the upliftment of the jowls, some people also like to get the thinning lips plumped up.

Liquid facelift treatment

Liquid facelift treatments generally target the face, but you can also use dermal fillers on your hands.

If you’d like to focus on your face, there are many areas that your dermatologist or plastic surgeon might target. This includes:

  1. under the eyes
  2. near the eyebrows
  3. the cheeks
  4. the temples
  5. the jowls
  6. folds between the nose and mouth
  7. around scars

You will look younger immediately, rather than weeks after the procedure because the fillers quickly improve facial volume, smooth out wrinkles, and create the illusion of a lift.

Consult a trained Dermatologist at Clinic Dermatech

However, everybody’s procedure is different, and the areas that are injected will depend entirely on your desired results. Most fillers used during treatment provide immediate results, and after only one procedure, which is a significant benefit of this approach to facial rejuvenation. However, it should be noted that some injectable require more than one treatment to maximize results. To determine which injectable will be recommended as a part of your custom treatment plans, it’s important to schedule a consultation with an expert dermatologist.