How to unlock the extreme potential of teen brain?

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How to unlock the extreme potential of teen brain?

A teenager's brain is vulnerable to many addictions like doing drugs, or/and consuming liquor. But, it is a well known fact that teen years also serve as a crucial time for developing leadership skills and strategic-thinking among teenagers.

The human brain undergoes the biggest changes during the teenage years than in any other time except the initial two months of the human life. The Frontal Lobe of the brain develops during this period of time. Boosting brainpower during this life-changing stage can thus turn a teenager into a future leader, ready to take on the world.

The Frontal Lobe networks are responsible for problem solving, emotional expressions, memory, and judgement. Exercising the different brain activities and tasks can help the brain’s frontal lobe networks to become fluent in doing all complicated tasks and situations throughout the life.

Since this is the time when the brain undergoes  many of the key stages, the teachers and parents have a major role to play to help the kids become skilled.

They can unlock the potential of a teen kid in the following ways:

  • By teaching him/her to watch movies of different genres, read books, participate in political discussions, and learn music. It helps to improve the overall development of the child's mind
  • By teaching the youth to raise their voice against social issues and evils
  • By always encouraging the youth to find solutions to the problems
  • It will be a good idea to watch a TV show together and share thoughts on the performance of the characters with each other. It helps them to judge people better
  • By teaching them to love other living beings on the planet
  •  By teaching them how to control emotions and handle emotional situations
  • By telling them to counter questions. This clears their doubts about every topic
  • By encouraging them to pick up a sport which will help build their strength, power, stamina, aggression, emotions besides strengthening their motor skills. It will also keep stress, depression, obesity, and hypertension at bay
  • By explaining them the value of speaking and understanding things on the basis of facts. This generates investigating and exploring abilities in them.

Our minds are fostered to use creativity and innovative skills to cope up with difficult situations in our life. As the famous poet – John Milton said, "The mind is it's own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven." For parents, it is recommended to send their kids to the boarding school like CSKM for a 360-degree growth of their young kids.

Start exercising at least twice a week

Whether you are a growing kid, young, or old, everybody needs to be exercising at least twice a week to open the nerves of their mind. According to science and research did by UCLA, exercise stimulates the brain’s elasticity by making new connections between cells. So, be free at least for half an hour twice a week to make your brain highly-functional.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy leads you to the way of getting a healthy brain. A protein and essential nutrient-based diet keeps all the muscles healthy in and around our brain. Hence your mind becomes calm, decisive, and effective all the time. A point not to be missed that eating healthy maintains a good flow of blood through the nerves of your brain and that results in less confusing, and properly working mind.

Do Meditation

How can we forget meditation when we are talking about the good functioning of a brain? A few minutes of meditation helps to improve the working ability of one’s brain. Doing yoga daily keeps our mind calm, highly functioning, and concentrated all the time.

Get socialize

Whether you are studying higher classes in a school or serving a company or the government, you should not forget to be socialized throughout your life. Studies reveal that engaging in social talks for at least 10 minutes a day with someone can stimulate your mind’s growth. During the conversation, the cross-talk between the two generates a sequence of questions & answers, which is a kind of brain exercising.

Improve sleeping habit

Take out a perfect sleeping slot of 8-hours from your day and be consistent with it. It helps to improve your overall health but it’s our brain that gets benefitted most with the good sleeping habit. It is highly recommended to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day to maintain your brain health.

Try to explore new things apart from your interest

Do not make yourself repetitive with limited interests. Try your hands on doing different things like visiting new places, reading new books and watching movies of different genres, and talking to different people. This will change and improve your thinking towards the things you have never done in your life and had a misconception about them.