Four Other Innovative Usage of Seedbox in 2020

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Four Other Innovative Usage of Seedbox in 2020

Seedboxes are mainly created for torrenting digital files. They are remote servers with high-bandwidth so users can upload and unload online movies and videos safely and effectively. But can seedboxes be used for anything other than that?

One word answer is “yes”, you can use your seedboxes to do numerous other things! This never relies upon any sorts of seedboxes you want to purchase. There are some other creative aspects of why seedboxes are in present use over virtual private networks.

First, let’s answer what are seedboxes?

A seedboxis installed on a remote server used for the uploading and downloading of torrent files but connected to high-bandwidth with 100Mbit to 10Gbit internet connection and is running 24-hours. These remote servers come with pre-installed software, which are –

  • FTP Account with SSL/TLS
  • BitTorrent Client (uTorrent, rTorrent, deluge) with WebUI Access
  • HTTP Access
  • Remote Desktop

you aren’t required to worry about ratio with remote servers and non-systematic understanding is accepted. You aren’t needed to perform anything, as all is completed under your assistance from the service provider’s assistance.

Here are major advantages of using seedboxes in today’s competitive market where online unloading is a real risk –

1. Running Applications Remotely

The right seedbox is set-up in a way, with which you’ve remote access via virtual network computing connection. This indicates you can access and control apps remotely within any system. If you want to set up scripts to unload videos from YouTube, set up access to your OneDrive or Dropbox, or transcode FLAC files to Mp3 all from your phone.

  • To perform such activities, you must install a virtual network connection on your remote server and software supporting your seedboxes within the system you want to access it with your smartphones or personal computers.
  • To obtain remote access, you must check out your secure socket shell connection information, insert information into a program, and click “open”. A user interface will prompt you to create a new password.
  • Now, you should run a vnc-restart command and password to show resolution you might need. For instance: vnc-restart password 1920 x 1080.
  • Then, you must open vnc software and stay connected with your seedbox server – you will need the username and port information. Now, enter the correct password to get access. The Home folder on the desktop will contain all the files you want to outlook.

2. Easy Online Video Streaming

Transform your system into a media center by integrating Plex media servers to your seedboxes. This means you can set up your seedboxes to stream your whole media library – music records, movies, shows – straight away within servers without the necessity to unload videos.

The remote server provider recently started offering online integrations on original servers, which are quite more expensive. Of course, you can alone perform all such activities, such as –

  • You should set up Plex.TV Account on the website.
  • Then, you must access your remote-servers via a web interface and check installable apps. Now, find out Plex Media Server and immediately install it. Actually, it is a one-click install. There's available popup to claim generated code for your installation.
  • Use the same code to link your Plex Media Server with your Plex.TV username. After software installation is completed, open a new installation, and visit with your Plex.TV Account.

Since you are using online media, which aren’t on your confined network, you will need to secure socket shell channels to view it. Plex.TV supported articles will explain steps to setup under “On A Different Network”.

3. Create Your Own Game Server

You can simply set up your own game server with the right remote-servers. To attain greater eligibility, you should install remote server options with root secure socket shell access, or else you couldn’t set up servers and install all the required info.

To ensure your game server works right, you must primarily check the system requirements of the game. In case your seedboxis quite weak, your game won’t work, so remote servers are your greatest options. If you are using a complete server, you shouldn’t share computing resources with anyone. However, many remote-server providers aren’t supporting game servers, so you must check policies or send an inquiry before choosing options.

4. Host Your Own Voice Server

can use remote servers to install services like your very own chat server, or even a voice server like TeamSpeak. To speedily run your remote servers, you’ve plenty of bandwidth for maximum users who are connected to it. Additionally, you will need seedboxes with root access so you can run various applications. The most important aspect is checking with your remote server providers whether you have the right criteria.

To conclude, seedboxes are quite the safest unloading and uploading options in recent years. Thus, you can use seedboxes to store your online media and set up remote access and your own game and media servers. The most interesting aspect is getting seedboxes with root access and supports all protocols you will require for this kind of setup.