Future with artificial intelligence

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Future with artificial intelligence

In the past one decade we have witnessed revolutionary upgradation in the field of information technology. Now we are able to do all what was just an imagination in the past for humans. In this article we discuss the future with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a next generation technology, which will be used with the help of nano mite technology. There are small molecules and particles available in our environment and these micro molecules can be reformed in a different manner.

Every single task for function we perform in a day to day life will be automated and all the electronic products and gadgets will have their own artificial brains for self learning.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence:

  • In the forthcoming years we will be having super smart and extremely portable personal computers for professional use.
  • We will have robots with brain for office work and household tasks. These robots will be programmed for self learning and adaptation.
  • Till 2025 we will be having micro multimedia cellphones. These devices will be so small that it will be fixed in our wrist bracelets, wrist watches, bands etc.
  • We will not required to visit the shops and supermarkets everytime for buying products rather we will be having smart machines to keep the list of all the things which are scare at home.
  • With the rapid implementation of artificial intelligence we will be having smart digital and internet classrooms for learning.
  • The overall productivity and outcomes will be improved and it will be qualitative. The time consumption will be reduced.
  • There will be smart house structures with automated construction mechanism. These houses will be eco-friendly and scientifically designed.
  • Every business industry and government departments will be channelised with artificial intelligence.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • Artificial intelligence will have a great scope in science and researches. With the help of AI world scientists will be able to find out the medicines and treatment of several dangerous diseases.
  • With the implementation of AI there will be strong control over cyber crimes and fraudulent activities. There will be a strong mechanism built for the high security and protection of the personal information and data on the internet and social media applications.
  • Today, calculation of data is but difficult as we need to maintain large master sheets of data but because of artificial intelligence this whole process will be changed forever and a new smart automated system will be implemented for the analysis of data.
  • In coming future we will be having no driver mechanism in the cars and then we will not require any drive to drive the cars. It will be auto-driven although manual mode still be there.
  • In future robots will behave just as humans and they will be programmed to understand and self learn the emotions and feelings of humans. They will be having constructive decision making ability.

We can hope for better future with artificial intelligence as this new technology will change the history of information technology and automation forever. Each and every electronic device and tool will be channelised with the artificial intelligence. It will be a whole new era of humans and machines.