Latest Gaming Trends in India

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Latest Gaming Trends in India

Games are good for our health if we play them in out premises. In the past centuries people used to play games in which physical efforts were involved. But with time games were visualized as indoor games and in recent years revolution in gaming field changed the face of playing indoor and outdoor games forever.

And in this article we will look into the latest gaming trends in India. The combination of advanced technology and gaming patterns have created a unique virtual world of gaming for children and adults both. These virtual machines are capable enough to provide you an actual environment of a playground. And by standing at one place you can have an experience of a huge playground.

Types of Games:

Video Games with Consoles:These are the old school trends of gaming, this type of games are available in the market with consoles. And games are stored and can be played by putting 8 bit & 16 bit gaming chips in the chip slot in the console. These games were really popular in 90s and 20th centuries. There are many gaming parlors available in the market of this type.

Mobile Video Games:It is a new era of mobile technology where we are using multi-media mobile phones with highly configured chip sets. The 64 bit architecture built motherboard in the mobiles can do wonders when we talk about entertainment and other multi-media tasks. Mobile video games are in trend these days. Some of the famous games are Temple Run, Mario, Contra, Soccer, Snipers, Pub-G, and many more.  

Virtual Machine Games:Virtual machines are the new trending gaming consoles available in the market. These machines are huge in sizes and there are different equipments used with this machine. You need to wear one eye gadget around your head covering your eyes and this virtual console would be connected with a computer where the game will run. Now the best part of this type of games is that you can feel the environment of the game in very much real sense.  

Sports Parlor Games:There are different sports parlors available in the shopping malls where you can play these outdoor games inside the parlor. The games are digitally connected with huge screens where you can see your performance scores. These games are best for the physical workouts. Some of the games are, Bowling, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Cricket, Baseball, Basket Ball and many more.

Video Games with Motions:There is different gaming consoles available in the market with motion sensor devices connected to the main console wirelessly. These games are good for physical gaming and are better substitute for outdoor gaming. A player needs to connect his whole body to the console with the help of motion sensor. You can even play a game with the help of a joy-stick.

Multi-Media Videos Games with Motion Sensors: These are the games similar to the motions sensor gaming consoles. But these types of games can be played without joy-sticks and are fully motion sensors operated. The technology is advanced and is very interesting.

In the past few decades gaming patterns and trends have been changed due to the great revolution in the field of technology. And there can be more changes expected in the coming future. The world is becoming smarter and wireless. And sooner with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) gaming filed will touch the levels of entertainment and virtual realities.