Get Rid of Your Unorganized Wardrobe Using Cardboard Boxes

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Get Rid of Your Unorganized Wardrobe Using Cardboard Boxes

Hey! Are you excited today because your mother is visiting your place? Or your BFF is visiting you for a night stay? You must be bust in cleaning your house, organizing your belongings and freshly washed and iron bedsheet on the bed. Change the pillow covers and doing the dusting. You do not want to welcome your guest with the dirty, messy house. Wait for a moment, have you ever think about your wardrobe? 

What if your mom or friend opens your cupboard and the flood of clothes takes you away. Listen it indicates something “organize your messy wardrobe." for doing these tasks; your best friend forever is Custom Boxes. These boxes help you in many ways. Besides organizing your messy cupboard, it will also make your wardrobe look clean, easy to manage, and most of all, it reduces your timer for clothing.
I am sure my reading the entire blog you will thank me when your mom appreciates your skills and your friend wants to know about this secret. Here are some use full tips by which you can transform your custom cardboard into the storage boxes.

Let's be realistic. From how long you have not organized your wardrobe? Maybe a year or two? Am I right? If you organize your wardrobe after every two to 6 months than hats off to you. You are a good guy! But for those who have not to organize their wardrobe yet, there is a simple solution for them. 

Start your work from the de-cluttering. I know every girl is fond of shopping and loves to collect seven years old top or a pair of shoes (which is no more in fashion). Another scenario must be that you like to wear these seven years old articles sometime in the future.
Let's start decluttering, the first trough the articles which you have not to wear for the last ten years in a Box Printing “de-clutter”. Printing the tag on the boxes make it easier for you to know which cardboard box is which. Trust me the thing you have not used for ten years; you will not use them in the future. 

Put your Belongings Neatly in the Box

you have Once done with the de-cluttering than placing your clothes in a box. Hey do not through it in the box, place it neatly and in an organized manner. First, separate your clothing articles and other stuff. Place your jeans in one box and shirts in others. And small items like belts, purses in others. You can even create the box for the birthday or party accessories; it will make it easy for you to use them and place it back in the box. You have to be very particular about everything. Yes, it takes a few hours, but it will be beneficial for you. There is one more use full tip for you can even pen down all your requirements and number of boxes you will be needed for this process to make your wardrobe organization process more smooth and comfortable.

Label & Organize

After de-cluttering, you will have a clear picture of what you want and what you do not want. Clean your wardrobe. Place a beautiful sheet or a polythene paper on the base of the cupboard. After this gets the custom printed boxes in various size as per your requirement. The printed boxes will help you and keep you reminding which box has which article. Like place tour socks in one box and your tops in another box. After picking the right size of the box and printing than place it in the cupboard wisely.

The things which you use daily or use frequently place last in the cupboard like your favorite pair of jeans at the top of the pile of jeans. Do the same with others. After placing the clothes in cardboard place your daily clothing box on a shelf, which is easily accessed able because you do not like to mess up with them when you are in a hurry. The cloths or items which you use rarely place on the upper shelf of the cupboard.

Why Cardboard Boxes and No Plastic Containers

Hey! Tap yourself you have done it nicely. Just do a little bit more? After placing all the cardboard in the cupboard do not forget to spray cloth deodorizer and throw the naphthalene ball in the boxes. To keep your belongings away from any damage pick box container material carefully. The questions that may arise here is why you should not use a plastic container for organizing? So here are the two most important reasons

  • Cardboard is far cheaper than cardboard containers.
  • Cardboard boxes protect your articles from moisture and humid. These boxes are easy to carry and long-lasting. And far most important is that they are Eco- friendly.

Time to Show Off

When your mom or friend moving toward your wardrobe, take a camera in your hand and record the surprising they get after opening your beautiful, organized closet!!! Buy some unique and personalized Custom Boxes with packaging printing by "Thecustomboxes".