Methods to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive on Window Computer

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Methods to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive on Window Computer


This post guide you how to effectively recover deleted data from Hard Drive. You can find several methods to regain lost files from hard drive, PC, External Disk, Flash Drive, SD card, etc. If you worried about files which get deleted accidentally, here is the solutions for how to recover deleted data from hard drive on Windows 10, 8, 7 computer system.

Reason Behind Hard Drive Data Deletion?

Hard Drive is one of the most important part on a computer, it stores all type of files including photos, videos, documents, applications etc. Hard Drive data loss can be a big problem. It is easy to delete file from Storage devices. You can regain the data if it is temporary deleted but if the files deleted permanently then data recovery is not possible via manual method.

  • When Virus Infected Disk HDD corrupt and results in data deletion.
  • When your files turned to Shortcut then you have to delete file forcefully.
  • Suddenly Power failure may cause data lose.
  • Some times Read / Write Head Error.
  • Software get failure. Disk drive may corrupt.

Methods to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Disk

The recovery of lost files and folders from hard disk is possible either by manual method or by using third party data recovery software. In this post, you will get complete to recover permanently deleted files from hard disk.

Method 1: - Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive via Backup

To recover deleted data from hard drive users could choose an option of backup. This could be applicable if a users have a habit to make backup files. There are different backup method you can check possible one:

  • Many of you keep copy of files on different partition or copy and paste file to Hard Disk.
  • You can view files from there. The other way is to run the third-party programs to restore data.
  • If you enable Windows backup features, you can view that.
  • If you have a habit to make a backup on cloud storage such as Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, Mega, etc. You can login and sync the data files.

Method 2: - Recover Deleted Data from Recycle Bin on Windows PC

If the data is not permanently deleted or if you deleted your file while clicking delete button, it is easy to recover. Below is the following steps to recover your temporary data from the drive.

  • Go to the My PC.
  • Open Recycle bin.
  • Select the files you want to recover.
  • Right-Click on selected files and click onRestore button.

Your file will be save on their original location. You can access file the Drive you initially saved. If you have deleted the data permanently when you need software to recover the data. You can use “Systool Hard Drive Data Recovery” tool to recover your data efficiently. It could be simple and easy to use. This hard drive recovery software could search and recover lost files. The files which get deleted, formatted or partition loss from many kind of storage media under Windows Systems.

Method 3: - Recover Data If It Permanently Deleted Using Trusted Software

Permanent data could be deleted from the drive by various ways. If you select any file and use shift+delete button than the file will get remove from the system or if files were removed bypassing Recycle Bin. This needs a free and reliable hard drive data recovery program which should support deleted file recovery at least. So, here you can use SysTools  Hard Drive Deleted Data Recovery Software and easily recover permanently deleted data  from hard drive on Windows 10, 8, 7.

This software support recovery deleted files from hard disk, local disk, external disk,SD card, USB drive, etc. This could also recover lost files due to formatting. Below is the following steps to regain using this tool:

  • Firstly, download and Installthe application into the system and Run the Application.
  • You will get the two options, Scan or Formatted Scan. Select the partition and click on the Scan button.
  • View the Scanning Report, Folder is located on the left panel.
  • Select folder and view data in right panel of software. t provides Item Count.
  • You can view the data from selected folder.
  • All deleted data are marked red colour.
  • Select those file and folder you want to recover and click on Save option.
  • Select the desire location you want to save and click OK button.
  • The software start regaining your data. Now you can view your files.


This post discusses about there methods to recover deleted files and folders from hard drive step by step, these solutions are very easy to follow. The thing you need to always know is that do not use same drive. Because once the files get overwritten, then recovery is not possible.