How Do You Measure Air Fitting?

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How Do You Measure Air Fitting?

The air fittings highlight tighter seals as well as produce lower pressure conditions while compared to hydraulic fittings also it typically appeared in different connector types. Additionally, to connecting these pneumatic elements and to stop the movement of unused gates, miniature fittings one which is used to regulate airflow pressure as well as directional flow. 

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Guide for Measuring the Pipe and Fitting Sizes:

Deciding the size of the pipes is very difficult which are needed specific pipes for your project and that will make you more confused while selecting the different sizes. Most of the people think more about the pipe size which remains the external diameter of a particular pipe—but most of them don't know that “pipe size” truly applies to what does call “nominal diameter.”

But the inside diameters should be large to fit above all the pipe's external diameter. Each half-inch synthetic elbow, such as it has an external diameter of approximately 1-1/4 inches. Utilize this guide which helps you to get the correct pipe & fitting sizes that you require for your project.

Pneumatics produces an extensive contribution of small pneumatic fittings under different kinds of sizes as well as various configurations to provide numerous connectors including tubing requirements. Benefits of the pneumatic system fittings solutions include:

  • Exactness machined brass and stainless steel

  • Electroless nickel covered for corrosion resistance

  • Captured o-ring form for a better seal

  • Variety of barb, threaded and push-to-connect styles

Sizing The Valley or air Fitting Port:

To determine specific air fitting size of each threaded airport under an air machine handle, a valve, air cylinder, or one female thread under the compressed air element, that when you require to measure the specific width of a hole within inches. That is the distance over the center of the hole. 

Examine that result in the partial sizes on this chart to assist guide yourself to the correct male-threaded fitting size that used for your application.


You need to know while taking the size of the Fittings are:

  • Know the size of the tube and hose for which you need to attach into the fitting; also note, that tube, as well as hose need not connect at the same direction

  • Port size and fitting size within which specific male thread remains screwed

  • The direction of the hose and tube should be connected to the air fitting

  • The style of the air fitting; whether that is an elbow, straight, Run Tee, Tee, etc.

Most probably make sure to choose the quality one which is made Rotary Union, and one which is with the ball bearings under their construction that allow easy, constant rotation, also it has the perfect seals that necessary to assure reliable, usually high speed, constant rotation without any fitting failure and air l You can also but this Pressure Switch Indfoswhich is used in various ways in your house appliance.

Air fittings are an essential component of any application used to compress the air. It is mainly used to support to direct some pipes and hoses by which that air will flow when it is simultaneously producing air to some of the applications to use when they required. 

People who are works to repair, design and overhauling the air system, at that place you can see some of the different kinds of air compressors fittings but if you have a closer view at each variety of air compressor fitting you can figure out their potential purpose. 

It is the main thing that you need to choose the right one that suits the system that you need. The usual obvious difference among the varying kinds of air compressor fittings are the size. Well, there are specific standards as well as forms of these air compressor fittings directed by national laws, they still appear in a number of sizes.