The best cocotte minute of 2020

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The best cocotte minute of 2020
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SEB Clipso Plus

Main advantage

The Clipso Plus from the SEB brand has a serious advantage in terms of its cooking method. It allows you to preserve the nutrients of meats and vegetables by adjusting the temperature and pressure to the type of foods being processed.

Main drawback

Some users complain about the lid that is considered too heavy, making it less easy to maintain.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

This pressure cooker brand SEB can cook your food healthy. It is used on all types of lights and is easy to handle. For this, we give it a score of 9.9 out of 10.

Main Explained Characteristics

The cooking modes

The Clipboard Plus minutes casseroles of the brand SEB are intended for a family of 6 to 8 people. The large capacity of 8 litres of this model makes it possible to concoct delicious meals for all members of the household, but also guests. Compared to the other products of the firm, Clipso Plus is more practical and more effective. The pressure cooker offers two cooking modes giving you the choice when you have meat or vegetables to cook.

These are differentiated by the strength of the pressure and temperature required for the type of food to be prepared. To do this, simply turn the wheel to the desired mode. A lower temperature will allow you to gently cook the vegetables and the high one to achieve the ideal cooking for your meat.

An innovative model

By having the ability to choose the cooking method in your preparations, you can keep the most vitamins and nutrients in food. With this model, you can also reduce the cooking time by increasing the pressure or using a very low temperature to keep the meat supple.

Besides, the casserole is equipped with a steam cooking basket. This one is made of stainless steel. It is a material of very good quality and gives great resistance to this type of utensil. You will no longer have to buy this accessory of your -\'/ because the manufacturer has already included it in the pack.

Easy to use and maintain

First, the Clipso Plus pressure cooker is equipped with a timer. This indispensable tool will alert you when cooking in pressure cooker mode starts and will also signal you at the end of it. It is also possible to detach the timer and take it with you so you do not miss the cooking of your dishes when you are not in the kitchen. Which is very convenient.

This compact model has a compact and innovative design, a great asset for those who lack space in their kitchen or closet. Note that the handles of this pressure cooker are foldable, which greatly facilitates its storage. Finally, the parts and accessories that come with Clipso Plus can be put in the dishwasher, making your job even easier to maintain.

Tefal P2530738

Tefal P2530738 is a 6-litre pressure cooker. Such capacity is sufficient to satisfy the large families and individuals who live in considerable numbers within a home. The handles of this device are long. Their grip is comfortable. You have the freedom to open and close them without effort.

This model comes with an auto-lock system with an audible noise. Thus, there is no need to push a button to close it. This pressure cooker has a steam basket. This component is ideal for cooking healthily. This kitchen equipment is compatible with the dishwasher to ensure that its use is always done in an excellent hygienic condition. It is compatible with all fires, including induction.

It is the stainless steel which constitutes this product mainly at the level of its tank and its lid. The strength of this material is well established, it is easy to maintain and this material is healthy. Like any other device in this category, this product comes with a steam basket for healthy cooking. Because of its strengths, according to those who use it, it is the best pressure cooker.    

The reference arouses the interest of many food lovers from the test battery made on it. Complete accessories delivered with, resistance in time, what more to ask to win the palm of the best brand of the pressure cooker!

Good points6 l capacity: This ability will significantly reduce the cooking time of your dishes.Auto-lock system and long and comfortable handles: You have plenty to grab the casserole, which will avoid incidents of course. It also closes itself once the lid on it. Steam basket provided: Followers of healthy cooking and healthy diets will be able to enjoy it without having to spend more. Compatibility with all fires and in the dishwasher: You will not have to get dirty after eating well, the machine takes care of everything.The stainless steel tank and lid: The juice and the last pieces of your beef Burgundy will go in the blink of an eye which will save you in water and electricity.    Negative point seat level difficult to spot: Some customers have criticized the fact that they can not properly adjust the steam flow depending on the level of heat required, because it is located under the pressure cooker.

Fissler Vitality

With its carefully designed handles and made with quality materials, this pressure cooker is a device that meets all the conditions to fully satisfy its users. High-end product, it offers a steam cooking without any pressure for an irreproachable result. Be amazed by the odourless, steam and noise-free operation of this kitchen machine designed to make it much easier for you. With its cooking lid that perfectly combines intuitiveness and simplicity, this Fissler model stands out for its user-friendliness when it is used.

In addition to a closing tab to close it without any problem, this high-quality pressure cooker has a light and simple cover. Removable in seconds, it is characterized by easy cleaning with the ability to pass without fear in the dishwasher. Nothing has been neglected in the design of this casserole to meet the expectations of its users. It is a device with a 3-level security system. Also offering 3 levels of cooking, this cooking machine is the preferred choice for cooking your food while maintaining the colours and vitamins.

Good points Design: This pressure cooker is an elegant device that flickers when you take it out of its packaging. Good maintenance makes it possible to preserve for a long time its original brightness and to make it an object of decoration of your kitchen.

Performance: Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, this cooking machine is the ideal choice to prepare your various dishes with complete peace of mind and safety.

Easy to transport and maintain: This equipment is designed so that you can carry it easily everywhere. It is also cleaned in the dishwasher. 

   Negative points Noisy at a high temperature: This pressure cooker becomes a little noisy when the cooking temperature increases. It is for this reason that the user must think to reduce this temperature to solve this concern about noise.