How Solar Heating Will Benefit Your Swimming Pool

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How Solar Heating Will Benefit Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools have an empty look particularly in the winters i.e. June, July and August – that’s because in the winters, most people don’t feel like swimming and eventually algae and some other amphibians attack it as it remains unused. To swim in the cold water can be quite difficult, so heating the water can greatly help with swimming.

Although pool heating idea is commendable to survive the cold months, a lot of pool owners are having problems with pricier heating solutions, as the costs for operating heated pools are high. Well, opting for solar heating can save many swimming pool owners from the main problem of spending too much money for warm and freshwater during the colder winter months.

The Most Cost-Effective & the Safest Solution to Warm Up Your Swimming Pool

Solar pool heating systems typically make use of the sun’s energy to heat the swimming pool. Solar energy has been there for a few years, but only in recent years, it has received the main attention. With unrelenting study and advancement in technology, the world has fashioned a solar solution to effectively warm up the swimming pool using the sun’s energy without relying on electrical power.

“Although the initial cost to set up solar heating system is pricier, but over the long term, it will not only recover its initial setup cost by saving you money on your monthly energy bills but also prove to be the most effective heating system.”

Well, people have tried some of the alternatives such as electric immersion components or the electric pumps that produce heat but they choose to return to solar - Why? Well, it’s because of the cost. Besides, as the solar heating system is powered by the sun’s natural and free energy, it’s also free from carbon footprints. When you use solar energy, it will provide you with the following added advantages:

Durable & High-Quality Materials

Are you tired of using defective heating machines that always give you worries? With solar pool heating, you’ll not encounter such problems because it guarantees to use high-quality and durable materials.

Stretched Swimming Season

When you use a solar pool heater, it enhances the water up to 40% under zero maintenance. The whole method is very light on your budget and you don’t require any added pumps. Well, how about enjoying a clean and warm pool swimming all through the winter months of June to August. Isn’t that something exciting? A solar heating system can help you to achieve it.

Environmentally-Friendly Alternative  

Using a solar heating system to heat your pool water doesn’t release any kind of poisonous carbon compound that may damage the atmosphere or the environment. It offers smooth operation without any kind of sound and requires just one day to set it up.

How solar heating works?

By using the simple pool pump at your location, the solar heating system moves the water around the solar panels. These panels will gather solar energy and then push the heat to the water as it moves through. It’s easy!

What about the installation?

With the assistance of experienced contractors and fitters, the installation would require a single day.

How many solar panels would be required?

Well, you’ll need to measure your swimming pool surface area first and you’ll need your panel to measure half of that area to warm up the pool water efficiently.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is solar pool heating system is environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and the safest solution to warm up your swimming pool effectively. It’s time to say bye to all of your pool heating woes by making theswitch to a solar-powered heating solutiontoday.