Unique Facts about Homeschooling Every Family Should Know

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Unique Facts about Homeschooling Every Family Should Know

Did you know that as a homeschooling parent, you have the ability to decide what your child will and will not learn? This is similar to a private school where they can determine the curriculum and so long as the students can pass the state tests then there is no other governance.   

While this can vary some from state to state based on their laws, parents who teach their children at home can create their own curriculum or find an accredited home-schooling online platform that aligns with their faith and objectives.

Many homeschooling families choose to adopt the traditional school schedule so their kids can stay in step with their friends, take advantage of summer programs and have the holiday breaks but this is not required.  In fact, homeschooling can start at any point during the year and follow a flexible schedule that works with the family’s dynamics and the student’s learning abilities. If using an online portal, it is important to communicate with teachers and staff as to your intentions for the schedule if they are going to differ from the original agreement. This level of flexibility removes the stress from students to perform at a certain pace which may or may not work for them, in the reverse, students who learn faster can also shorten their school year.   

Just because you decide to homeschool for faith and religious reasons does not mean that you need to go with a faith-based accredited home schooling online program. It certainly helps when the curriculum includes a specific Bible course, but some parents may choose to incorporate this type of teaching on their own and apart from any set curriculum textbook. If you are looking for Christian homeschool options, be sure they still include accreditation, college prep options and a path to graduation so students can pursue the university of their choice as an adult.

Everyone knows that a homeschooling day is anything but typical especially when you look at different families because each one designs the schedule according to the needs and lifestyle as a group. Parents should know that establishing a rhythm for the kids when they are in elementary grades may not work as well when they transition to middle or high school. This is because their bodies, hormones and needs are changing so communication and adjustment are critical to continue making this process a success. Very few families homeschool in their pajamas but why not throw in a PJ day every now and then to add a fun factor and stimulate the student’s creativity. Be open to new ideas and changes so that everyone stays engaged and the stress is minimized as this will happen over time to parents and students.

All kids either love or hate homeschooling is a broad statement because sometimes kids can have mixed feelings about this approach. They like feeling safe and not having to deal with bullying and peer pressure but at the same time can miss the social interaction with their friends on a daily basis. As a parent who homeschools, the best thing you can do is ensure they are enrolled in an accredited home schooling online platform and supplement their education with clubs, programs, sports and church so they have a balance. Students are going to have moments when school is fun and when they can think of plenty of other things they would rather be doing, but as parents, you have the unique position of knowing what motivates them and the ability to customize the day and studies to each student. This can’t be done in a public or private school setting because a teacher doesn’t have that knowledge or the flexibility to adjust to that level.

As with any type of education decision, homeschooling can be cheap or more expensive depending on the route but it is always an investment that should be taken seriously. The top accredited curriculums don’t have to cost a fortune and parents can work with the online platform to do some or all of the teaching in the early grades which can reduce the cost. Giving your child the greatest chance of success means finding the solution that is best for them, now and for the future.

One of the best benefits of homeschooling is well-known but not often thought about on a regular basis.  It is the close relationship that parents and children can develop when they are spending every day together which helps through the teenage years and other difficult times. Parents will make the decision to homeschool but it needs to be in connection with their children as they get older to evaluate if this is still the best approach. If so, always choose the best online homeschool option that supports the family, offers quality backed curriculum and fits the budget.