How to choose the right shower base for your bathroom?

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How to choose the right shower base for your bathroom?

 or shower pans, as they are also known, are a great choice for your remodeling project or a new bathroom in your new home.

However, when it comes to choosing the right base for your shower there are so many options available that if you are a little uninformed then it can get quite overwhelming with so many options available.

There are many types of shower pans available with different shapes, sizes and made of different material. You have to choose which fits best with your bathroom decor and interior styling. For that reason we have crafted an article so you can understand different types of shower bases and what can be the best for you.

Types of shower bases

There are four standard materials from which shower pans are made, typically they are fiberglass, acrylic, composite and custom tile.


Fiberglass bases are made of a polyester resin which is merged with woven glass fiber, which is later added to a mold. Fiberglass is not much expensive compared to other types of shower bases hence its repairs are also cheaper than the rest. But there is a downside to all those advantages as it can easily get damaged and needs to be replaced much earlier than the rest.

Acrylic bases

Acrylic bases are made of large acrylic sheets, after being reinforced with other materials to provide strength and durability; they are heated and stretched into a mold. Because of that they are very durable and face fewer damages and needs lesser repairs.


Composite bases are regarded as the most durable and strong shower bases as they are made of more than one material. Their strength and durability may vary with the materials they are made from but they are usually very strongly structured and are lightweight making them easy to handle. They can also be easily repaired and installed and they last for a lifetime. The only downside of composite bases is that they are rather expensive.

Custom tile

Custom tile bases are quite beautiful and easy on the eye, but not so much when it comes to installing and maintaining them. You will find them quite expensive, not only when you buy them, but also the labour required to install them is quite high. While installing custom tile shower it is required to set a substructure underneath before it can be installed.

As it is all tiled you would be required to keep the grout clean every now and then and that itself is quite a headache.

Shower base threshold

There are different thresholds available for shower bases for different purposes. Every threshold meets a different requirement and you should choose whatever fits best with your needs.

Beveled threshold

It is better for people temporarily or permanently handicapped as you can easily access it on a wheelchair.

Barrier free shower bases

You can easily access these shower bases in your washrooms without fear of slipping or tripping. It also allows safe access for handicapped people.

Curbed threshold

This threshold can be as short as 1/2 inch and can go to 6 inches tall. It provides a smooth finish and is easy to install.

Portable shower base threshold

These are removable threshold for barrier free showers and they prove to be a great choice for family homes.

Installation of shower bases

Installation of any shower base or pan is not a demanding task. If you have a little knowledge about it even you can do it. All you have to do is first measure the place where the pan will be placed and then you will have to prepare the space for it.

After that, place the pan, level it in the place and attach to the studs and seal it. Once you have sealed it, wait for it to dry and then you are free to use.