Startup Your Business With USA Dedicated Server Hosting Plan – Onlive Server

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Startup Your Business With USA Dedicated Server Hosting Plan – Onlive Server

USA Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Our Cheap Dedicated Server exactly supposed to do the hardware and resources of a dedicated server in the USA or around the world are fully dedicated to a site and its performance. Onlive Server is one of these dedicated hosting providers. Understand the difference between cost-effective and inexpensive dedicated hosting. When it comes to understanding the low cost dedicated server. There are many hosting providers offering low cost USA Dedicated Server Hosting packages, but the benefits you will get from such plans will depend entirely on the budget and specific needs. At first glance, you need to understand the difference between dedicated value and low-cost hosting. It's always a good idea to consider the price of a dedicated hosting solution. However, in most cases, spending a little extra money will help you unlock many useful features that will further simplify your dedicated hosting experience. This will most likely change the performance of your site and the visitor experience on your site.

How USA dedicated servers are beneficial –

Most of the web hosting companies offer the same service that is great if you just start your business then you don't expect a lot of traffic on your website. Even ever, your website is hosted on the same server as several other websites. Our Web hosting plans are typically very reliable but provides added reliability and safety through the use of dedicated servers. Dedicated server hosting does not involve you to share your website with anybody else on the same servers.

High-level of  Cheap Dedicated Server solutions available by the Premiere hosting providers Onlive Server. The best-dedicated hosting providers in the market, not only provide very affordable plans, but they excel in the field by offering maximum functionality, customer support, and flexibility at a price you may not know. Whether you are looking for a Linux or Windows server, you get the AMD Quadcore processor, 4 processor cores, a CPU speed of 3.0 GHz, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of storage and 1 Gbit of bandwidth or 15 TB of the bandwidth per month. All this in a convenient range of INR 5512.68 monthly. Premier hosting providers also include benefits such as built-in backups, DDoS protection, advanced security, and SSD RAID 1 storage. In the operating system category, you have options such as Centos, Citrix, FreeBSD, Debian, and Ubuntu. The control panel options include Plesk and DirectAdmin.

Here are some frequently asked questions in this category:

Q. How much Dedicated Server installation time?

Ans  The dedicated server Configuring time will be approx. one to twenty-four hours. Several factors contribute to longer setup delays and include custom configurations, payment approval time, and additional components.

Q. Can I upgrade my server hardware?

AnsYes sure, you can upgrade the server hardware to another floor. You can also add additional software, hardware, and features to the server for an additional fee.

Q. Can I use the free control panel to manage my server?

Ans Yes, you can use a free control panel for server management. The company will provide you many of control panel list. Some of absolutely free and some of chargeable. Just choose the best one and according to your requirements.

Q. Where is the data center location located.

Ans Our data center location is located in Kansas City USA.

Q. What will be network uptime?

Ans You'll get a 99.99% network uptime guarantee.