How to Recover from Google Penalties in SEO

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How to Recover from Google Penalties in SEO

Search engine optimization is crucial for the success of online businesses. There is too much competition and there are countless websites online and all are vying for audiences’ attention. When people search something using Google they hardly go beyond the second page. The top search results are considered reliable and credible to the audience.

Achieving a high ranking in the Google search is not an easy task. It is challenging and difficult because there is too much competition. You can hire the best UK SEO services to improve SEO efforts and get good ranking. Google is extremely strict and is quick to penalize websites that do not satisfy the standards set by Google.

If a website gets penalized by Google then its ranking will suffer. To regain good ranking and improve it you will need to find ways to handle the penalties. Here are a few tips that can help you in achieving your goal.

Find the Reason for Penalty:

To begin the punishment expulsion process, you have to initially discover the reason for your punishment. In the event that you see an abrupt drop in your rush hour gridlock, you have to search for the explanation behind the loss of traffic. 

There are two fundamental types of punishments that Google can apply to any site. The first is a manual move that is made by Google's spam group while the second is an algorithmic punishment. For each, there is an alternate method for punishment expulsion.

Find All the Backlinks:

Whether you get the algorithmic or manual penalty you will need to analyze the backlinks. Find out about all the backlinks and then you will be able to identify the ones that are responsible for the drop in the ranking. You can use the Google Webmaster Tools and download all the Google backlinks that are recognized by Google and transport them to the SEO tool you are using. There are a lot of SEO tools available and you can use the one that you are comfortable working with.

Identifying Bad Links:

There are tools that can help in monitoring the links and help in separating good links from the bad ones. Connect with a Google Analytics account and import all the tools from the webmaster tool. It will make sure that you have all the backlinks of the website. Check the metrics of all the backlinks and you will be able to identify the ones that are dragging the ranking down. Any backlink that does not provide any value to the website is useless.

Getting Rid of Bad Backlinks:

Once you have the list of bad and invaluable backlinks you need to get rid of them. To remove them you will need to follow four simple steps.

  1. You will need to create an email and request removal of the link. The email should be polite and it better to use the company email address rather than a personal one. Keep the tone professional and keep it specific. No need to write long and unnecessary details.

  2. Do not forget about the email after sending it. You need to keep track of the requests that you have made. Use the company email and forward all the company’s emails to the Gmail account.

  3. Most websites have an About us or Contact us tab and you can find the email and owner’s name under that tab. If you are having trouble in finding the contact details of the website then you can take help from

  4. Send a personalized request to get rid of the bad link. You can face different scenarios.

  • Is possible that the link is removed
  • Is ignored and if it happens then you will have no choice but to disavow domain entirely.
  • May need to pay money to the Webmaster to get rid of the link.