Latest trend’s of Woocommerce stores in 2019

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Latest trend’s of Woocommerce stores in 2019

Woocommerce works with Wordpress it is a free and most popular eCommerce plugin that captures a huge market share with Four million active installs, 56 million downloads, 78.4% of the online stores built with WordPress that uses WooCommerce and 28% of the eCommerce websites are running with the help of woocommerce.

Woocommerce is the best opportunity for new startups and entrepreneurs who comes with new ideas and have a minimum investment. all around the world, lots of business owners use the Woocommerce plugin for their website.

Woocommerce is flexible and offers so many options for the owner of stores. And developers and it has all the basic functions for eCommerce. There are various extensions are also available in the form of plugins to add some more features. And thousands of plugins are also available for woocommerce but you have to choose a few important plugins which are essential and required for your online business.  

Features of Woocommerce:

Woocommerce development servicesgaither a group of Free features, Such as WordPress theme (Storefront) and some of the free plugins and Payment gateways, for example, Paypal. Furthermore, if you need a specific extension or a payment you will need to buy it in the Marketplace.

These are some of the extensions available in the Marketplace:

  • Payment gateway extensions that include Stripe, Klarna, etc.

  • Memberships.

  • Amazon and eBay extensions.

  • Marketing (digital) extensions (like Social media and emails).

  • Product page extensions.

  • Advanced Subscription extensions.

  • Advanced Shipping extensions.

  • PDF invoicing and packing extensions.

  • Google analytics.

  • Language translations.

  • Bookings.

  • Affiliates.

  • Discounts.

  • Stock (inventory) and tax management.

  • Product badges

  • Table rate shipping

  • Product CSV imports.

WooCommerce development is a driving force behind many eCommerce trends that you will be seeing in 2019.

1. Enhanced Product Pages:

The technology Virtual reality, and 360º visual content comes into its way with the help of New technology and best internet speed it becomes so easy for web designers to incorporate this kind of content on their websites. This is good news for eCommerce, so the mean is that further enhance product pages with Video to showcase your product in action. Woocommerce provides features of 360º Images which gives the facility to add a dynamic 360º rotation to images of your product. This is just a starting in previous stage virtual and augmented reality startups are concentrate on eCommerce. With the help of video, we can expect more detailed elaboration in product pages. while short written content is just a norm, product pages are       

While brief text content is usually the norm, product pages are distinct. The further information, it”s better to include your top keywords or phrases to grow your SEO.

 2. Better Mobile Shopping Experiences:

Online sales through Mobile devices are increasing very fastly. So the mean is that online stores should be responsive, and the function and look appealing on device. When it will come in Mobile phones the load time will also become important. There are lots of chances that consumers are not satisfied with the speed of loading a page in their device. Mostly there are lots of Woocommercer-friendly themes available on Wordpress that are helping to Mobile shopping into account.

  • Woostriod is a fast loading eCommerce theme that helps to build mobile-friendly shopping experience.

  • Kallyas theme provides a mechanism to make easy and responsive store.

  • Flatsome theme utilizes the Drag-and-drop builder to create a mobile-friendly online store

3. New Interfaces for Customer Service:

The latest trendy technologies such as Artificial intelligence and machine learning are doing excellent work in customer services. Chatbots are also available 24/7 and can build a conversation. With the help of machine learning, chatbots you can get more information about your customers. Woocommerce already has several chatbot plugins that boost the work of woocommerce.

  • WooWBot is a standalone chatbot shop and don’t need the integration of 3rd party services.

  • Facebook Messenger helps to use Bootmaker to easily integrate with your WooCommerce STORE. 

  • Omise feature use to connect Facebook Messenger to your online store. 

 4. Personalized Shopping Experiences:

Artificial intelligence serves the Personalized customer service, with the help of this technology we can get a more personalized shopping experience. Personalizing a shopping experience is getting your customer’s detailed information about Name, Location, Language, and shopping habits that allow you to showcase them all the local events or sales that would create an interest to them as they try to search and browse your online store. There are various kinds of features are available to collect the customer’s more personalized shopping experience. 

  • WPML works as a translator for international customers. 

  • WooCommerce Extra Product Options Extension helps customers to easily customize products to their choice.

  • WooCmmerce Darwin Pricing Integration Plugin helps to Add geo-targeted coupon codes and tracking codes.