The Future of Online Marketing: What Will It Look Like?

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The Future of Online Marketing: What Will It Look Like?

As uncertain and daunting as the future might appear, it poses great potential for internet-based businesses. Internet Marketing is a relatively new inclusion to traditional marketing schemes and generates large amounts of revenue for businesses. Each year, the field is changing. Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms and implementing new changes to benefit the end user. 

With so many changes, it is hard to predict where we might be in a few years. However, from recent updates, we can speculate what the future of online marketing will look like. Here are a few concepts we think could be implemented or made more effective in the coming years, changing the outlook of online marketing. 

Diverse Quality Content 

We all know how important content has become. The main goal of any Internet Marketing strategy is to create a limitless stream of content surrounding their industry and verticals. 

Unfortunately, creating just any form of content is not enough. To be seen online, you need quality content that resonates with the reader. Google uses E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) to qualify great content. You need to incorporate all of these principles to raise your ranking. 

Within the field of online marketing, we can sometimes become too attached to popular streams of content. It seems clear, as Google continues to diversify its results page, businesses must diversify their content. 

From blogs to podcasts, social media to authoritative mediums, businesses will need to diversify their content distribution strategy to get the most out of their content. Additionally, we exist in such a rapidly developing market. One content stream could be done tomorrow. Pushing all our chips in on one strategy won’t serve us if that strategy stops being effective. Don’t just diversify your portfolio, diversify your content strategy.  

Importance of Video

If you are looking for help and assistance, instead of talking to your friend, you can now watch a video on YouTube.

People prefer to watch videos rather than read or listen to things, so it might be more effective for your Internet Marketing Agency to explain key concepts and deliver great content through video. 

You can also add a video to your Google My Business listing, helping prospective clients and customers to understand your better. 

Let’s not forget, YouTube is a search engine. Searching for “Marketing Agency Florida” will show a number of results. From here, you can get a visual representation of each company and identify which company is the best. 

A professional video will certainly go a long way, putting your business and services on multiple platforms while showing who you are. 

Voice & Mobile Search

It’s fair to say most people don’t leave home without their mobile phone. Our mobile phones are powerful tools, effectively mini-computers in our pockets. We also use our mobile phones to search for and gather information. 

Internet Marketing now includes mobile phones. As you optimize your website and marketing strategies for desktops, you will also need to ensure content and strategies are optimized for mobile. Mobile search will need to be a huge aspect of your marketing strategy because as phones become more powerful, desktops could start to become obsolete. 

Similarly, voice-assistance and voice search have become integral parts of the user experience. From Siri to Cortana and Alexa, users are requesting help and searching terms and content. It will become incredibly important to optimize your content for voice engine optimization because as users, we’ll end up using virtual assistants over searching for content ourselves.   

Artificial Intelligence/Chatbots

As a human being, you can’t be everywhere at once. Customers will continue to have concerns and sometimes you won’t have the time to answer everyone. 

A lot of businesses have incorporated chatbots into their websites. Chatbots are great because they respond to consumer questions within seconds, effectively removing the middle man. It’s a win-win situation. Customers/consumers feel answered and taken care of, and you’ll have more time to dedicate to other aspects of your company. 

We can expect the future to include more chatbots and artificial intelligence.  

Emotional Connection with Audience 

Internet-based businesses are constantly concerned with humanizing their business. To be openly honest, most businesses are concerned with appearing more human to viewers. The best way to appear more human happens to be emotional connections and engagement. 

As stated previously, chatbots are helpful because customers get their questions answered, but human interaction proves to be more beneficial. People don’t like talking to machines. In fact, we are so used to talking to machines, talking to a real person is often a welcomed adjustment.

Nike has done a wonderful to market to people using stories from popular athletes and their rise to success. Nike have phrased their marketing strategy around the possibilities within each individual athlete to be the best in their field and Nike as the device to get them there. These commercials have continued to inspire viewers to not only strive for success but to also purchase Nike products. 

As an Internet Marketing Agency, you’ll need to adopt a similar strategy. Businesses have recognized the benefits of appealing to the general public through emotion, similarly, you’ll need to prove to clients and consumers that your service is not only the perfect solution but that you truly care.      

Finding an Internet Marketing Agency can be an incredibly arduous task. To find a great company, conduct a search online and see who comes up. If the prospective company is doing a great job at marketing themselves, you’ll find them on page one of Google’s results page, but this isn’t always a great test of a company’s effectiveness. 

Asking for recommendations and referral may serve you better. You can talk to people who have used this company and gain a first-hand review of the company and their habits. 

 If you live in Florida and need assistance with your digital marketing campaign, there are a number of ambitious, experienced and efficient companies in the area. Florida has become a haven for businesses and as a result, the industry for marketing is steadily growing.