The Most Exciting Train Tracks in the World

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The Most Exciting Train Tracks in the World

There is something magical about train travel. Sometimes the magic is inside: you can meet people on the train, eat and sleep with the sound of a steel wheel swinging on a steel rail below you. Sometimes magic is abroad, a train passes through a landscape: adventure, experience, an idea in the heart of a nation.

While you can go faster on an airplane with Cheap Flight Tickets, nothing can beatlively environment of train - and the dazzling views from the window. If you want to explore the world differently, here are the most amazing train rides in the world.

1. The Ghan - Australia

The Australian outback is part of the most spectacular landscape on the planet, and Ghan offers travelers the opportunity to experience the vast landscape in sheer luxury. Crossing a direct highway through Australia's fiery red center, the Ghan runs approximately 2,000 miles from Darwan in the north to Adelaide. Through the red cliffs of the McDonnell Range and the fertile plains of southern Australia, he carries passengers from the lush tropical coasts of the Northern Territory. Ghana offers train excursions, including a trip to the Nitmiluk Gorge, a boat trip and a trip to the difficult, desolate city of Alice Springs.

2. West Highland Line, Scotland

The Western Highlands are a great way to live on the Wild West coast of the country, attracting travelers through the most diverse landscapes of Scotland. After the train leaves from Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, the cityscape often craves bright windows and nests of peace. In the north, the West Highlands passes through the remote Rannock Moor Desert before Ben Nevis landslide descends to Fort William. The train heads west through Glenfinnan Viaduct (a series of Harry Potter films) before reaching Mullig Harbor.

3. The Flåm Railway - Norway

The Flåm Railway, which lasts only an hour, may not be an epic journey, but it is one of the most beautiful landscapes. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful places in Norway, and it is often called one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. The railway, one of the coolest rail routes in Europe, is 2,831 feet from the starting point in the small town of Phlegma in the Sognafjord. It passes through deep gorges, waterfalls and high peaks to the Myrdal mountain station. The Flemish railway, which impresses during the summer months, is even more magical when a layer of snow in the cold months turns a snowy journey into a winter wonderland. People living in Pakistan should prefer PIA Online Flight Booking in order to experience this mystical splendor.

4. Namibia Safari - South Africa

Driving about 2,000 miles, the Rovos Rail Namibia Safari luxury train route crosses the most breathtaking views of the South African region. Departing from Pretoria, South Africa, the journey takes passengers to Kimberly, the ancient diamond city and homeland of the Big Hole, one of the largest hand-drilled mines in the world. Then you have an amazing view of the North Cape and Fish River Canyon. On the way to the Kalahari Desert, the train leaves for Windhoek, the busy capital of Namibia, and then crosses the Namib Desert and reaches its final destination in Swakopmund. This last stop is the beautifully defended German city of Hansa, built off the coast of Namibia.

5. Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway - Colorado, USA

An ideal train ride for history bumpers, the narrow gauge railway in Durango and Silverton has been continuously operating since its completion in 1882. It was built to mine silver and gold from the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. Now the railway allows passengers to enjoy the same impressive journey: on a coal steam train made more than a century ago by miners and settlers from the Old West. A 45.4-mile stretch runs along the Animas River through remote deserts and beautiful canyons in the San Juan de Colorado National Forest. In addition, it often provides insights into the local wildlife, including black bears, deer, and mountain lions.

6. Glacier Express - Switzerland

Combining Zermatt and St. Moritz, Switzerland's most picturesque mountain resorts, Glacier Express is the most convenient way to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. Traveling east of Zermatt, the day trip includes 91 incredible tunnels and 291 bridges when you cross the mountain meadows of southern Switzerland, pristine mountain lakes and picturesque baths. Highlights include the Oberalp Pass, the highest point at 6,706 feet. Another famous Landwasser viaduct is a magnificent six-arched structure, which is 200 meters away and enters a slotted tunnel right on the edge of the mountain.

The endless joy of traveling by train will certainly uplift your mood. In addition, you will also have the chance to experience the beauty of various places up-close.