Things to look for while choosing a Whatsapp solution provider

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Things to look for while choosing a Whatsapp solution provider

Due to the arrival of the new communication platform and due to the always evolving technology, there has been a massive change in business operations and strategies. Although this change has affected most parts of a business have of the most important business pillars which has been affected due to this drastic technological evolution is marketing.

From newspapers to social media website, business marketing has gone through a long tunnel of modification which has made it more diverse, easily measurable and more effective. And when people started thinking that the social media sites, video sharing websites and picture sharing websites will be the limit of tools used for marketing, messaging platforms like Whatsapp entered the market.

Nowadays, most of the companies are including Whatsapp in their marketing toolkit and most of them are getting unimaginable results. Upon searching, you will find a wide range of Whatsapp solution providerin the market offering different and unique Whatsapp services for different types and size of business. This big change came due to the introduction of Whatsapp API which made this most popular messaging platform available for business as well. The changes made in the Whatsapp API fine-tuned it for businesses and that’s how it became a powerful messaging tool.

But when it comes to choosing the best Whatsapp solution provider then most of the people get confused and therefore, in this blog post, we will be looking at some important things which you need to keep in mind while choosing a Whatsapp solution provider.

Customer service

One of the most important things to look at while filtering out the long list of Whatsapp solution providers is their customer service. If you are going to choose a solution provider for Whatsapp then it means that you always need to stay in touch with them or contact them whenever you want and that is only possible if they have a team of highly skilled employees in their customer service team. Their availability and response rate also plays a key role in deciding the quality of customer service. So look for these factors and ease your process of selection.

Know their service

Then you will have to understand their different types of Whatsapp services. Different solution providers offer different types of services and therefore you should be well-aware about them. It is always good to go with those Whatsapp service providers who provide multiple Whatsapp services like bulk SMS promotion, SMS platform, etc. A wide range of service will allow you to save time and get all the Whatsapp services from a single service provider. You should also look at what you need from Whatsapp and then choose the Whatsapp service provider.

Understand security

Since you will be dealing with a long list of personal contacts and using the Whatsapp API for other sensitive business operations, you will never wish to compromise on the security of the platform. Therefore, it becomes your sole responsibility to check the security measures adopted by your solution provider. You can ask them several questions regarding security measures adopted on both virtual and physical level. Along with that, you can cross check their security features with some basic security measures like two-factor authentication, alerts, and notification, etc. If you are ready to compromise on the security then choosing Whatsapp API business shouldn’t be on your bucket list because a missed opportunity will be less disastrous for a business than a security breach.


Since there are many small and medium-sized business choosing the Whatsapp API for their marketing, price becomes a big concern while shopping for a Whatsapp business solution provider. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses have budget-crunch and therefore, they can’t go shopping for every business solution they see. But your decision of Whatsapp API can turn out to be the most economical deal of your life if you research well. You can compare the price of different Whatsapp solution providers, analyze their feature, and then choose the one which easily fits in your tight budget crunch without compromising on the security and other features.

So, if you are running a business and looking forward to including Whatsapp in your marketing bucket list then choose the best solution provider for Whatsapp and get expected results.