The Best Platform Providing you 100% Third Party Compliance

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The Best Platform Providing you 100% Third Party Compliance

It is nearly impossible for any company to achieve end-to-end compliance for 100% third-party relationships. Thanks to XYZ! We have bought 100% third-party compliance platform with advancements in data, technology, and due diligence. With us now, you can quickly address all the regulatory technology challenges coming your way.

Why Do You Must have a Compliance Management Platform or Software?

With the expansion of your business, it becomes difficult to track or monitor compliance. Noncompliance does not look good on your company reputation. Your senior management team might have to face a heavy fine, even jail term due to noncompliance. So, it is always better to have a check on your fate with our compliance platform and software.

Just like every other organization, you have to comply with regulatory, statutory, or internal compliances, laws, and regulations. EthixBase gives you an overview of your compliances. Not only that but also aid you to track risk for your organization.

EthixBase- A Risk Mirror For Your Organization

EthixBaseoffers you a cloud-based solution to streamline your compliance process irrespective of suppliers, contractors, clients, and agents. While ensuring you don't need to dig deep into your pocket, we efficiently serve your need for transparency and responsiveness. Our third-party compliance platform aids you with daily tasks, generate a comprehensive audit trail, and offers a clear overview of your third-party compliance program. With us, you can always stay one step ahead of any issue causing deceleration in your business growth.

EthixBase also gives you on-platform access to the vastly experienced global due diligence department. Our intuitive system can fulfill all your third-party compliance need diligently.

Advance Third Party Compliance Management Features

Our compliance management software provides complete risk management and monitoring service. Have a look at some of our key features below:

On-Going Monitoring Policy

Get automatic email alerts directly in your inbox. Regular notification of significant changes will be utterly beneficial for serious compliance professionals.

Management Reporting Service

While accessing our inbuilt management reporting dashboard, you can have a valuable intelligence report. We assure you that all your third-party compliances get monitored and managed efficiently.

Predictive Risk Indicator

With our Predictive Risk Indicator, we gather data from multiple sources and indicate all the potential risk factors your institution might have to face from third parties. Additionally, you can customize the feature and easily match your risk assessment criteria.

Third Party Due Diligence

You can send on-boarding surveys and questionnaires to third parties and record responses from them. In this way, you can easily highlight all the areas which demand further scrutiny.

Third Party Communications

EthixBase has a single customizable interface for all business partners and third parties for an easy and convenient interaction in one place. With our third-party compliance software, your organization can be benefited with a full audit trail of communications sent, opened, and attested.

Contact us today and get universal compliance monitoring across all entities, departments, and locations. With our defined risk and control, matrices efficiently operate the internal controls of your enterprise.

Join hands with EthixBase and let us manage your organizational risks and compliances effectively!