Top Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In A Dubai Property Now

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Top Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In A Dubai Property Now

Dubai has become an investment hub of the Middle East of late but still, there are many who want to find some reasons why they should be investing there. Well, if you want to know why the value of properties in Dubai is going to rise continuously in the coming years, here we have a few good reasons for you to consider.

  1. Expo 2020 Will Be In Dubai

The upcoming World Expo, which has long been awaited, is going to be held in Dubai during October 2020. It will attract around 25 million people to the Emirate from 180 different nations. Ever since the Expo was announced, the off-plan property market saw a boost in Dubai. Those investing in this part of the world before this massive Expo takes place are definitely up for a very high return on their investment. It will be held over 6 months starting in October 2020 and the rental property market will go skyrocketing during the period. With high rental demand, the landlords will be able to increase the rents to their liking.

  1. Dubai Wants To Be The Happiest City Around The World

During 2016, the Emirate created “The Ministry of Happiness” and the primary aim of the ministry was developing policies and programs for improving the resident’s happiness levels. That’s something very well received in the public.

  1. Higher Return On Investments

The property market in Dubai is continuously maturing and the population of the city is increasing every year. The investors are very well aware of this growing demographic and are investing in properties wisely to give a boost to the rent demand.

  1. Tourism Is Booming More Than Ever

Tourism makes one of the major parts of Dubai’s economy along with business services, trade and the real estate. With tourism growing in the emirate more than ever, there are many new real estate projects being launched and new hotels are constructed as well. The number of visitors to the Emirate is expectedly going to increase to 25 million a year by 2020.

  1. The Museum Of Future

One of the major attractions in Dubai, the Museum of Future allows the visitors to see through the future with some cutting-edge simulations as well as interactive exhibits. This museum is going to include the scientific conferences along with offering advanced courses related to new scientific trends and achievements. It’s also going to focus on the solutions to three major challenges that will emerge from the climate change i.e. food security, water supply and self-sufficient cities.

  1. Crime Rate Is Low

Being safe in a city is, probably, the top most consideration and that’s what you’re going to experience in Dubai for sure. Dubai is considered among the safest heavens not just for the end-users but also for investors as well. It experiences the lowest crime rates all over the world.

  1. Zero Corporate And Income Tax

The zero tax policy of Dubai’s government attracts a lot of investment as well as residents to the Emirate from all over the world. There are people of more than 200 nationalities in Dubai with Emiratis constituting somewhere around 10% of its total population. That’s one of the highest immigrant percentages from around the world.

  1. Better Transportation Routes

The transportation infrastructure in Dubai is being improved continuously. There’s an expedited route being constructed between Abu Dhabi and Dubai and a US-based company Hyperloop One is working on it. They’d also be launching the first-ever operational Hyperloop system of the world that will allow passengers to travel across the emirates through pods that will have 1200 km/hr speed. The routes of the Dubai Metro have been expanded as well to make journeys easier for Dubai’s residents and visitors.

  1. The Population Is Growing In Dubai

With the population of the emirate continuously increasing, there will be more property projects launched in future and a higher ROI is guaranteed for the investors. The estimates from the Dubai Statistics Center suggest that the population of the emirate will reach 5.2 million till 2030.

  1. Entertainment And Gourmet Restaurants

Dubai is popular for all its unique experiences on offers such as desert safaris, beaches, luxurious spas, yacht communities, water parks, and skydiving to name a few. Besides, the nightlife and entertainment opportunities in the city are just immaculate as well. There’s also a broad range of gourmet restaurants in the city with all the top brands of the world being present here too. So, that certainly makes Dubai a perfect place to be for everyone.

If any of these reasons sound convincing to you, it’s time that you invest in the property market in Dubai. You’re surely going to reap huge benefits in times to come.