Looking For Savings In Your Energy Bills?

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Looking For Savings In Your Energy Bills?

Are you looking out for methods to make your home energy efficient?

Then you should consider installing a heat pump for optimum energy-efficiency!!

Heat pumps work on the principle of transferring heat from one location to another. They do not use additional energy to generate air. During summers the pump expels warm air outside and during winters it draws warm air inside. It can draw such air either from the ground or from the air. A heat pump can serve as your sole cooling/ heating mechanism or also work in conjunction with a furnace/ air conditioning system. Either way, a heat pump gets with it a good percentage of saving in the energy bills.

 How does a heat pump save energy?

As a heat pump simply redistributes warmth air, it consumes lesser electricity than furnaces, air conditioners, and boilers. When you install a heat pump in conjunction with the traditional HVAC unit, you notice a fall in the electric consumption of such units too, as now they would not have to have to work as hard to be able to keep the building's interior at comfortable temperatures, year-round! Even when you choose to have a solo heat pump systemand not separate heating and cooling systems, the energy consumption is far less, as a heat pump consumes lesser energy.

 Things to consider

Once you have realized that getting a heat pump is right for your home or commercial space, search for heating service companies near me. During the consultation, you need to discuss and understand the following things with the contractor-

 The type of heat pump to install

Heat pump systems are of two main types- an air source pump and a ground source pump.

ü Air source pumps transfer heat in the air amongst the inside and outside of the building. Such pumps are apt for moderate climates

ü Ground-source pumps are also called geothermal pumps. Such pumps have pipes running below the ground and source heat from the warmth in the ground. Such pumps are suggested for places facing colder climates.

 Size of heat pump

The size of your space decides the size of the pump to be installed. Having the right sized pump ensures the pump serves the purpose it was installed for. Having a more powerful pump than required would mean higher consumption of energy for keeping a space temperature-regulated, and vice versa. Trained technicians from professional heating service companies near me would be able to suggest the right size and model of the heat pump that would best suit your space, requirements, and budget.

 Placement of the heat pump system unit

The right placement of the system is of utmost importance for the heat pump to be able to do its job correctly. A heat pump makes a bit of noise, cycling on and off and that can be disturbing to have in the background always! So installing it such a place that it is out of the way while still being effective is the key.

 Repair services

It would be good to get to know about the possible damages that could happen to your heat pump and what kind of servicing the heating repair companies near me are offering. The most common problems a heat pump faces are temperature issues, ductwork issues, condenser issues, thermostat issues, and noises. 

 When you wish to reduce your energy expenses, it's time you opt for a heat pump system. While you search for heating service companies near me, don’t miss to find out about heating repair companies near me and only then make a decision.