Video Marketing: Myths Vs Reality for 2020

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Video Marketing: Myths Vs Reality for 2020

The power of video has reached the height where it is now one of the most preferable marketing tools for numerous businessmen and marketers. There are people who opt for video marketing because the video is so versatile and dynamic, and there are people who incorporate video in their marketing toolbox just to stay competitive. This easy-to-share form of content is also proved to be highly engaging and is said to increase sales by a good percentage.

With video marketing at its peak, you might still not be convinced about opting it for your business. And why wouldn’t you be? After all, there prevails a lot of video marketing myths in the market that might have had an impact on you as well. It is very human to let myths overpower you.

So what do you to debunk these myths around video marketing? Simple, just let the reality surface. And, include a video in your marketing toolbox. With that being said, here are some video marketing myths and the reality that follows.v

Small companies can not afford video marketing. This myth is one of the most persistent ones in the market. Why? Because word of mouth is such. Often, we come across terms like ‘low budget movies’ which still manage to have a budget of 50 million dollars. That surely doesn’t seem to be low on budget.

Reality: Video marketing has turned out to be very cost-effective and economic. They don’t have to include top-rated Hollywood stars or some effects with high machinery. They just have to be designed casually and effectively to meet the goals. Hence, marketers spend what they can afford and it is within their budget.

Lead generation is the core aim of video marketing. If lead generation is not your aim, then video marketing is not for you. That certainly is not the truth. But what led to this myth? The leads. When video marketing started generating leads, marketers took it as their only output.

Reality: There is no denying the fact that videos generate more sales. Several surveys and facts have already proved it. But, what cannot be overlooked is the fact that video marketing is also used to build credibility for the brand. Marketers and big rands have been incorporating video in their marketing mix because videos get engagement and visibility for them and their brands. When you wish to make your brand big, these factors surely contribute. Not to forget, videos also educate. There prevail explainer videos and product videos that are used simply for information and training purposes. This can be for the audience, or for the internal team. After all, videos are dynamic.

If there is a video, it has to be viral. This probably is one of the gravest myths of video marketing. If your video doesn’t go viral, then it has surely failed. Well, was virality the core and primary aim? No. Then why the myth?

Reality: You can consider a video failed if it doesn’t attain virality, if and only if getting viral was your primary goal. If not, then you really don’t have to worry. For example, if you are a small business, awareness should be your major concern, not the number of views. In simple words, the number of views will never be directly proportional to your success.

You need to be a tech-maniac to craft a marketing video: Because crafting videos is difficult. Says who? We aren’t talking about fancy, loaded with effects and chroma videos. We are talking about videos that’ll be used in video marketing.

Reality: Firstly, crafting a video is never tough. For the basics, you can shoot it with your smartphone. However, videography somehow plays a role here. But that surely doesn’t involve you being a tech-whiz. If it is still too much for you, hire a video production company, they usually don’t rob you. Remember, your goal is to present yourself to the audience. Do that.

Nobody would be able to discover my videos. So you make a video and nobody plays it, watches it. This doesn’t happen. It’s a very flipside myth.

Reality: Your job’s not done by simply having a video posted at a platform. You will need to optimize it. There can be other videos by the competitors with better views but that will be only because they have optimized it in a certain way. Never forget that YouTube is the largest search engine after Google. There are millions of people spending hours on this platform and alike platforms. They will look at your content too. Give it time, audience is looking actively for content that is apt, to-the-point, crisp, engaging and true to the content.

If you don’t know how to write a script, you can’t craft a video: Well, there’s an ounce of truth here, but it can be dealt with. Writing can be very daunting to many, but skipping such a powerful tool because of this, would really not be very smart.

Reality: You know your product, service or brand very well. Draft an outline and run through it. Refine it by blending it with your aim for the video and you’ll have a script. Of course, you can hire a writer too, but you can still do a decent job by giving it a try yourself.

With having these myths busted, there can be a possibility that you as a marketer still don’t have a video on your marketing mix. Well, don’t stop. You actually don’t have a reason now, if these video marketing myths were holding you back. Let your business reap the goodness of video marketing and meanwhile, you can just sit back and relax. Because this time, you can.