Why should you be selective when you buy a dining chair and table?

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Why should you be selective when you buy a dining chair and table?

Every single person has a dream about building a lovely home as a safe haven with well-furnished wardrobes, dining and storage cabinets with good quality of wood. Families generally spend quality time in the living areas and at the dining tables. These two places play a major role in a family gathering. In the rapid evolving life-style, none has the time to sit, chat and have fun.

People are very selective in each and every product they choose for their homes from sofas to the kitchen. They are more choosy when it comes to dining because it is where most of the family-time conversations and memories happen.

Hence, dining tables should be more compact with smooth and polished comfortable chairs. The wood should be attractive both in the making and the color selection. A Dining table should be easy to clean, heat resistant, with blended edges so that it doesn't hurt any, and should have a strong supporting balance. 

Is a dining table and chair setup important?

Yes, As much as food plays an important role in our life, Dining Chairs and tables also has the same importance. Your Daily food doesn’t have any alternatives - right from the morning coffee to the night's dinner. The food cycle doesn’t change even if it is our workplace.  For your food to be consumed, you need to have the chairs and table setup. 

Does material matter? 

A long life, strength, and durability are the main factors to be considered while manufacturing Dining Chairs and Tables. People mostly prefer Wooden setups for their stability, durability, perfection, and eco-friendliness. After all, Who doesn’t love a well designed cushioned chair’s comfort?

The art of making and designing chairs and dining should match the atmosphere of the homes which will display your taste of art without having to say it. That would add an unsaid beauty to your house. You can select the type of wood, design, and size based on the dining area available. Some factors to be noticed during the selection

  • Size of the dining room  - whether it is attached with the kitchen or separate

  • Style of the house     - traditional or modern

  • Color of the wall     - light or dark

  • Shape of the dining set  - round, rectangle or square

  • Material of the table   -   according to the strength and durability

  • Type of usage   -   house, office, resorts, and hotels

  • Finishing   -   properly finished edges 

  • Seating type   -   plain or cushioned

  • Design of the table   -     glass-topped, carving and many.

Some of the popularly used material for dining chairs

White ash

 It is the most popular wood used in the making of furniture because of its bending ability and flexibility. Elasticity and hardness are very high, which balances heavyweight. Its light color makes your home to appeal very brightly in nature.


It is so strong and is often used for carved furniture. The color of the wood is in chocolate brown or purplish to yellow according to the area where it is grown. It is Higher in cost because of high durability.


Even though more expensive, people love to use teak because of its high quality. Yellowish in color, darkens according to the age. 


The nature of the wood is malleable, so it's easy to work with bending and shaping. It can handle a lot of pressure over time, well used in regular usage.


More versatile, will work out for any type of furniture. It is a Deep red-brown color and is highly resistant to dents and scratches.


The perfect type of wood for a modern house mainly in dining chairs, wood armchairs and stools. It's dark cappuccino color gives an ideal finish and often appears black at the finishing stage.

 Other rare woods used for a dining table setup are Maple, Cherry, and Oak. 

Why do people mostly go for Black dining chairs? 

Black - the color of royalty. Black makes us feel royal, rich and sophisticated. Who doesn’t love to live in the mannerism of an elegant life? People mostly go for black to show off in elegance. One more added advantage to the black dining chairs is that you can easily cover up the dirt. You would not have much to clean about. 

Other rare woods used for a dining table setup are Maple, Cherry, and Oak. 

One can mix and match chairs for your dining areas to show off your own personality and creativity. There are different styles of dining sets used in different countries that show their way of life, culture, and tradition. One can purchase dining chairs wholesale for a cheaper price if it is for a big setup like companies and factories or purchase them as one piece when it comes to private properties. The cost, features, and life will differ based on the type of the setup one chooses.